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TERMS OF PAYMENT Accounts are due for payment by the end of the month for the whole of the previous month’s invoices. Overdue accounts will result in further deliveries being suspended without prior notice and may result in future credit facilities being withdrawn.  Credit facilities are not available on accounts that have a monthly spend of under £250.   Account payments should be made by bacs / bank transfer:

Sort Code: 82-70-19 
Account number: 90292124

Please note: Customers will be liable for any costs incurred by us whilst recovering debts - a minimum of £10 + VAT.  Cheques returned dishonoured or returned for representation are subject to a £25.00 charge.  

All new businesses will have a credit limit on their account until a trading history has been established.  Once this limit is reached the account must be cleared in full before further deliveries can be made.  Our normal payment terms will apply if this limit is not reached.  

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.  

Claims for loss or breakages must be made at the time of delivery and confirmed in writing. If goods are ordered in error we reserve the right to charge an uplift fee (minimum £10).  Fresh produce ordered in error cannot be returned unless sent back with the driver at the time of delivery.  Customers requiring goods to be uplifted from a previous order must contact the office where an uplift note will be authorized.  Drivers cannot accept goods without this note.   TITLE All goods remain the property of Clarks Speciality Foods Ltd until paid for in full.  

All products are offered for sale subject to availability.  

All prices are subject to alteration without notice.  This includes carriage charges.  


We have found it necessary to impose a minimum order value.  For Edinburgh and Glasgow Centre, this will be £25.00.  All other areas will have a £50.00 minimum. Orders below the minimum value will be subject to a £5 delivery charge.  

Orders received in the office or on our answer phone will be delivered on your next delivery day - please see below.  Every effort will be made to deliver orders as quickly as possible and we will always try to help in an emergency.   Orders outwith our delivery area may be subject to a delivery charge to be negotiated according to value of the order. No liability is accepted for damages if the customer requests a split case.    
Please Note: It is not possible for us to do same day deliveries - if necessary customers may collect from / send a taxi to the warehouse.  
Orders for collection must still be pre-ordered. Visitors are welcome but by appointment only please.  

DELIVERY CHARGES (for delivery by 3rd Party Carrier)
Delivery charge will be made only if the order is outwith your usual delivery day and the order is under £150.00.  For Mainland UK, delivery charges are:  
Next day delivery charge for orders under £150:                           £15.00  +  VAT   
Saturday delivery charge for order under £150:                            £30.00  + VAT   
Saturday delivery charge for order over £150:                               £22.00  + VAT   


Aberdeen and surrounding areas        Monday Wednesday Friday
Ayrshire                                                 Monday Wednesday Friday
Borders                                                  Tuesday and Thursday
Dundee                                                 Daily, Monday - Friday
East Lothian                                          Tuesday and  Thursday
Edinburgh                                             Daily, Monday - Friday
Glasgow                                               Daily, Monday - Friday
Fife                                                        Daily, Monday- Friday
St Andrews                                            Daily, Monday- Friday
Peebles                                                 Tuesday and Thursday 
Pitlochry / Dunkeld                               Tuesday and Thursday
Stirling                                                   Daily, Monday – Friday
Glasgow North / Loch Lomond            Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Other areas                                          by arrangement  

Although all care will be taken when packaging fragile products (eg pastry products) for delivery by carrier, we cannot accept liability for any damage unless caused by mistreatment by the carrier.  Please inform us should this be the case.  Any visible damage should be noted with the carrier at the time of signing for delivery.  

I have read the Terms and Conditions of Clarks Speciality Foods Limited and agree to abide by them and to settle the accounts within the stated terms.  I agree to notify Clarks Speciality Foods Ltd in writing of any changes to the Trading name or Company details supplied when opening the account.
Thank you. We will review your application and get back to you within one working day.
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